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Artifical Grass

Home is where the heart is. The saying stands true whether we talk about humans or animals. As humans, even if we cease to take proper care of ourselves, we never neglect the needs of our homes. Cleaning, maintaining and beautifying our homes demand a lot of time, effort and resources. According to how deep … Continue reading

Back from the social frenzy.

We are a believer in consuming our own product, which might lead to you wonder where have our blogs been? Well, the truth is that they have been in hiding. With all the recent changes to the Twitter Ad Network, Facebook Ad Network and with Facebook’s Timeline, we have been a bit busy developing strategies … Continue reading

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows you as a business to reach out and build relationships with people who utilize your product or service. Marketing outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and YouTube allow you to build relationships and actually engage individuals in conversation about your brand, product or service. Businesses are now able to actually build … Continue reading

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