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Artifical Grass

Home is where the heart is. The saying stands true whether we talk about humans or animals. As humans, even if we cease to take proper care of ourselves, we never neglect the needs of our homes. Cleaning, maintaining and beautifying our homes demand a lot of time, effort and resources. According to how deep … Continue reading

Should you be on Pinterest?

Are you a pinner? If you don’t know what the term “pinner” actually means, then this blog is for you and you soon will! Pinterest is a newer social media platform that has over 10 million users. And get this, Facebook has refused to make Facebook compatible with Pinterest (Side note, Facebook and Twitter play … Continue reading

Back from the social frenzy.

We are a believer in consuming our own product, which might lead to you wonder where have our blogs been? Well, the truth is that they have been in hiding. With all the recent changes to the Twitter Ad Network, Facebook Ad Network and with Facebook’s Timeline, we have been a bit busy developing strategies … Continue reading

Social Media 101

Many companies want to better brand themselves by creating a presence in social media but really don’t know where to start. With all the liking, connecting, following and tweeting going on, it can be a tad overwhelming to jump in and say: “BAM! Here is my company!” That is where we come in, the beauty … Continue reading

Do I Need Twitter??

Twitter…. The very word brings a lot of confusion and possibly frustration for a lot of people. When you think of Twitter, what comes to mind? Do you instantly have images of teenagers “tweeting” about what they had for breakfast or what they are going to wear that day? Well, if you do, then you … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

After reading our last two blogs, we are guessing that you are pretty stoked about your website and the potential that it has. We are also assuming that you have given up on football, spending time with friends and have cut down to the bare basics in life such as eating and sleeping so that … Continue reading

The Value of Keywords….

In our last blog we spoke about the importance of content, and essentially how it doesn’t matter if you have spent thousands of dollars designing your website, if you don’t have content, the search engines won’t rank you and you will lose out on valuable business. We also briefly touched on keywords and the importance … Continue reading

Content Rules!

Most of us would agree that the main purpose of having a website would be to reach out to a new consumer base and increase the reach of our company – right? While most everyone has this goal, few actually know how to achieve it. With millions of websites on the internet and more being … Continue reading

I don’t understand Facebook Ads… Help me…

Facebook Advertising… Sounds pretty scaring doesn’t it? Well, we understand that branching into a new form of marketing can be a bit intimidating. However, at Media Marketing Solution, we do our best to take the mystery out of any type of marketing campaign. If you were to ask any regular person who engages on a … Continue reading

How does social media build relationships?

With all the liking, tweeting, connecting and blogging going on it can be a bit overwhelming to try to stay on top of it all. Perhaps you have been able to experiment and dip your toes in social media by being exposed to it from your kids or grandkids. But the question that might be … Continue reading

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