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Should you be on Pinterest?

Are you a pinner? If you don’t know what the term “pinner” actually means, then this blog is for you and you soon will! Pinterest is a newer social media platform that has over 10 million users. And get this, Facebook has refused to make Facebook compatible with Pinterest (Side note, Facebook and Twitter play together relatively well). So just because Facebook won’t play nice, should tell you that Pinterest is going to be a major player in the social media world!

Pinterest combines all the things that we love about social media. On Pinterest, individuals can swap everything from fashion pics, to cooking to jewelry ideas. If you need inspiration for a project of any kind, Pinterest is the place to go. If your brand caters to women – then your company needs to be on Pinterest. Currently at this time, Pinterest does not allow for advertisements. What this means is that followers are organic and Pinterest has highlighted the most crucial aspect of social – viral spread. In future blogs, we will go more in depth as to what Pinterest could do for your brand. But for now, we are going to give all you newbies a crash course in the world of Pinterest!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to create a profile. On this profile the user can upload “boards” that represent their particular interests. For example, if I was a wedding planner, I could upload and create boards that represent fall weddings, spring weddings, killer dresses, table design, flowers, cake etc. I can “re-pin” thousands of images from the internet and have my design ideas live virtually on Pinterest. Essentially, the definition of Pinterest is in its name – Pinning images that are of interest.

How can this help my brand?

If you have product or if your company markets something that is visually appealing – then Pinterest is perfect for your brand. Pinterest will allow your brand to display various products and highlight new lines that are coming out. Simply put, people will see those images and repin them on their boards for all their followers to see. This is viral spread at its best!

Sounds simple, can I do it myself?

The ultimate answer is yes, you can do anything by yourself. However, companies like ours (Media Marketing Solution) implement best practices strategies. On social platforms, it is very easy to turn people off to your brand. Therefore it is important to know the ins and outs of how brands should market themselves without being to pushy and salesy. If followers feel for one minute that they are not getting value out of following your page, or if they feel that they are being “sold” to, then they will cease to follow your brand.




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