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Social Media Marketing

Social Media 101

Many companies want to better brand themselves by creating a presence in social media but really don’t know where to start. With all the liking, connecting, following and tweeting going on, it can be a tad overwhelming to jump in and say: “BAM! Here is my company!” That is where we come in, the beauty of the system is that you don’t need to know the difference between a “tweet” and a “like”; our social media experts will fully manage and expand your social media presence.

Savvy business owners are recognizing the value in creating an online presence for a simple reason – it works! Social Media allows companies to target the types of consumers that are most likely to utilize their products or services – now when could a TV commercial ever do that? Social Media Marketing is quickly becoming a wave that every company needs to catch a ride on, because the ones that don’t will simply be left behind.

The basic question is “how will having social media added to my marketing campaign help me?” Well, social media will help you in many different ways. For those of you who have read our previous blogs, you are by now somewhat educated on how the search engines conduct their crawls every few weeks. In the past what used to allow pages to be ranked higher than others was the amount of content, how frequently it was being updated and what type of keywords were being used. Now a day, the search engines are scanning websites and looking for companies that have social media outlets attached to them in addition to content, keywords and being updated regularly. It is simply not enough to create a Facebook Page, Blog and Twitter Account and walk away, the search engines are looking to see if these accounts and social outlets are maintained on a regular basis – they are also looking for the level of engagement that is coming from these sites.

For example, if you post on your Facebook an update with a link and your fans share and like it, then the search engines will pay more attention to your page than a site that has no activity and no content being shared or liked. In addition to the importance of maintaining your page from a search engine perspective, it is also crucial to maintain your social media outlets if you start them. The reason why is simple. Think about what kind of message it sends to potential clients who find your page and discover that you haven’t bothered to update your status or engage with clients in the last six months. Bottom line, it doesn’t look very good. So if you are going to start engaging in social media, make sure you have the time to carry it out or you can find companies like Media Marketing Solution to manage it for you.


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