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Do I Need Twitter??

Twitter…. The very word brings a lot of confusion and possibly frustration for a lot of people. When you think of Twitter, what comes to mind? Do you instantly have images of teenagers “tweeting” about what they had for breakfast or what they are going to wear that day? Well, if you do, then you are partly correct – but if that is all that comes to mind when you think about Twitter then you are completely wrong and are missing out on an incredible opportunity to brand yourself and reach out to new consumers.

Right now, Twitter estimates that there are over 200 million Twitter users – this translates into over 65 million tweets per day. These are short conversations that are spanning all across the world, and while some of these tweets are just about what people had for breakfast, many are people getting linked with brands and igniting conversations with companies. So the question that you might be asking yourself now is “how can Twitter help my company?” Well, Twitter can help on many different fronts. 1.) Twitter is a form of social media marketing, therefore when the search engines do their crawls every few weeks, they will pick up that your website has a Twitter account and rank you higher than sites who do not. While this doesn’t translate into cold hard cash, it is important, as we all know, he who ranks higher in the search engines, wins.

The other part where Twitter becomes invaluable is actually being able to scope out potentially new customers or clients. For example: Let’s say that you own a tire shop, most would probably think that Twitter would not be a great fit for that specific company – except we have had fantastic success with that exact type of industry. Throughout the day, people send out tweet venting their frustrations about their flat tire or needing new tires, well, what if you tweeting back something along the lines of “That’s a bummer, here is a coupon for a free flat repair” or “hey, we are having a special on tires right now, come in and check it out”. Do you think you would attract new clients? Let’s take another example, a bridal store. Hundreds of women use social outlets like Twitter to broadcast their newly engaged status – so what if you were to tweet back “Congratulations on your engagement! Come and check out our new selection of bridal gowns!” Do you think they would be more likely to engage with you and stop into your store? Of course they would!

Now the question is how do you find those people who are tweeting about things that specifically relate to your company or industry. Well, that is where we at Media Marketing Solution come in. We have programs that are specifically designed to capture the keywords that are related to your industry and that people use to help unite them to your business or product. Our social media marketers will intently watch your Twitter accounts and monitor it for activity and respond to individuals in a way that is not only friendly but also relational. If your company is not on Twitter, you are missing a huge marketing opportunity and you are giving your competitors a chance to gain an edge over you. Stay tuned because in our coming blogs we will continue to explore the value of Twitter and how it can boost your social media influence.


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